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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quick Review on 2010 to date.

Well my one resolution to keep this blog, in particular, up to date has failed miserably!

I am not one who likes excuses but mine is I…….been busy folks! Unfortunately when things pick up, the first thing that goes is pleasure writing. Unless its training plans or correspondence with my athletes and fellow coaches its just not going to happen.

Being a "facts" and "get to the point" kind of gal that I am, writing for me is not about entertainment or to brag about my life via a blog. Quite frankly, writing is a task that takes way more time than I would like and I suspect its because I am not a natural wordsmith who can type 100 words a minute……still a "hunt & peck" typer :-(

Any how, I do have some folks that like to know what I have been up to so here is a recap of the first half of the year:


There have a some changes on my coaching rostering and I must say its all been good. I have said this before but I am blessed to have such a hard working group particularly this season. There have been so many PRs and successful races that it would be too long to list to give "shout outs" but a belated public congratulations to all my IronClad peeps for working hard, racing hard and putting forth your best effort.

In addition to being swamped coaching and with nutrition consults, I have been really enjoying planning and implementing some things for the USAT Florida Region in my 5th year as the Regional Athlete Development Coordinator. This year I have finally found the right support system to help with planning and implementing a Junior Skills Camp, Junior Development Race Series, Junior Regional Championship , Junior Elite Select Camp and Florida’s only Youth/ Junior Elite draft legal race coming up this next month. Its kind of crazy that I devote so much time to the developmental athletes particularly since I do not have kids!

Training / Racing

The year got off to a good start but then I suffered yet another set back. I strained hamstring mid April during a sprint tri and that pretty much took the wind out of my sails and forced me to scrap most of my racing plans. I did manage to do my annual trek to the Gulf Coast Triathlon in May. Fortunately the race was not affected by the awful oil spill that has tainted the Gulf. Under some of the toughest conditions I can remember ( this was my 9th start) I had a decent race but was limited by the lack of run training and I really view it as a lead up to the big race for the early season, the Hawaii 70.3.

After Kona last year, I did say I was done with Ironman and I still am. I for some reason felt compelled to go back to the Big Island and conquer the climb to Hawi Long story short is was an OK race, no PRs or age group hardware but I did manage to grab a spot for the Clearwater 70.3 World Championship so we will see if I can get my body put back together to at least have a respectable race in November. I can now officially say IM DONE WITH THE BIG ISLAND.

Now with the first half of 2010 in the books I can only look back and say Geez, what a crazy 6 months but truth be told, I would not want it any other way J

Now who wants to bet how long it will be before I post something on this blog again……

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